Dangerfield Power only utilises quality proven products. This is essential when it comes to Battery Storage solutions as reliable power delivery is critical to our clients. Dangerfield Power has undergone a careful selection process in choosing equipment supply partners for our Battery Storage systems, ensuring the best equipment quality, warranties and after sales service.

All systems are designed, engineered and installed by qualified, Clean Energy Council accredited designers and installers. Systems are designed according to clients needs and on a case by case basis, ensuring attention to detail when delivering the final system outcomes.

Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid systems are independent power stations which supply electricity to properties that are not connected to the distribution network. These systems are referred to as Stand-alone power systems (SAPS).

An Off-Grid System needs to be designed specifically to suit the requirements of the site.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid solar is a typical PV system with the addition of batteries, often used to store excess power so that it can be used to offset peak load or night time use. It is generally not intended to take a household ‘off grid,’ however in many cases it has the capability to do so.

Commercial Systems

Peak-load shifting is the process of mitigating the effects of large energy load blocks during a period of time by advancing or delaying their effects until the power supply system can readily accept additional load. If the loads themselves cannot be regulated, this must be accomplished by implementing energy storage systems (ESSs) to shift the load profile as seen by the generators.

Depending on the application, peak-load shifting can be referred to as "peak shaving" or "peak smoothing." The ESS is charged while the electrical supply system is powering minimal load and the cost of electric usage is reduced, such as at night. It is then discharged to provide additional power during periods of increased loading, while costs for using electricity are increased. This technique can be employed to mitigate utility bills. It also effectively shifts the impact of the load on the system, minimising the generation capacity required and potentially avoiding peak penalty tariffs from utility service providers.

Please contact us to find out more about an Off-Grid or Hybrid Battery Storage system for you.