Solar Elec Services is the proud national distributor for Heat-On Far Infrared Radiant Heating Technology - a low cost, energy efficient and effective heating system  that is easy to install and can be zoned for comfortable, tailored heating for your home or business. 

Heat On is the the most energy efficient electric heating system currently available in Australia - outperforming systems in areas without mains-gas, and offering up to 50% cycling times in 5 and 6 star plus energy rated buildings.

The key benefits of a Heat-On Far Infrared Radiant Heating system are:

  • energy efficient system offering a clean, comfortable heat;
  • easy to install;
  • no ductwork, no maintenance and zone controlled;
  • 5 year replacement warranty (residential);
  • range of panel outputs and sizes specially developed for Australian conditions;
  • minimal noise, no dust or vibration – just simple healthy heat when     you need it most.

Heat-On FIR Heating Panels are the panels of choice for Hot Yoga Studios in Australia and around the world.  A custom engineered 'Hot Yoga' Panel was designed specifically for this growing industry.  Solar Elec Services can provide a free system design for your Yoga Studio, including investment and estimated operational costs. 

Would like to know more?  Please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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